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IV - The Emperor

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Leadership, power, reason, structure, rules, masculine strength, maturity, stubbornness


The Emperor is the origin of the masculine element, the masculine part of Empress's femininity. He is a patriarch and represents power and strength. He is the image of the father of the deck, the provider and the guard. While other cards such as Empress and High Priestess urge you to look into the subconscious to see the answer, the Emperor (like the King of Cups) to dominate the heart. If you are facing complex options or situations, now is the time to use practical experience, knowledge, and grounded materials. This card compels you to take on the Emperor's attitude and confidence. In some cases, this card may be saying that you will interact with an Emperor and the best action you should take is to dedicate your professionalism, power and knowledge - these are qualities which the Emperor will respect and cherish.

In a card game, the Emperor often represents a strong and controlling male in your life. This is especially true if the card shows up in the past position. He could be the father, the boss, the brother or the teacher who influenced you and your current path. With a business card, cards can recommend putting your emotions and concerns about relationships aside and focusing on the data, facts, and situation analysis. Organization and rules are your most valuable assets at the moment. When combined with the Swords cards, the Emperor refers to our mind managing everything, as well as the need for a data-based approach to upcoming decisions. When dealing with Pentacles cards, money matters are the top priority in your life. Spend and invest on facts rather than sensations. The Wands cards show it's time to take action and take decisive steps. Are you contemplating expansion, development, planning new journeys, or planning to invest somewhere? Now is the time to "get stronger" and take action.

In my mind, this card became the most complicated when paired with cards of the Cups set. Think of the powerful characters in your life and their relationships with others. Will there be a strong male character dominating the social atmosphere? Are you in the dominant role of a man or are you called to assume that role and responsibility? When combined with Chariot cards, beware of the price of ambition. Temperance promotes balance and a cautious approach to these masculine issues.

When in reverse position, the Emperor may show abuse, a dominant personality, or someone who behaves like a tyrant. Rigid thinking and over-reliance on practical knowledge can damage the process and hurt your relationships. When the Emperor is in a reverse position in the spread, the cards do not urge you to throw away logic or structure, but to fight to bring the situation back to its positive side. This is no time to rebel or throw away your own power; This is the time to use the structure with understanding, composure, logic and discipline to create a more complete and better situation.

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Astrology: Aries, Scorpions

Arithmetic: 4

Botanical: ginger, thistle, eucalyptus.

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