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Four of Swords

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Internal reflection, planning, resuscitation, rest, recovery, solid foundations, loneliness, self-care, balance


The Four of Swords depicts a period of rest after a challenging long time. Now is the time for silence and silence. Recover your strength and spend time alone and reflect. The Four of Swords wants you to put your swords down for a while. The battles will continue in the future but you need to take time to adjust, sharpen and recover. Perhaps now is not the best time to make decisions; After a period of rest, the road ahead will become clearer. This card often indicates the need to live separate lives. Create a space for thinking, dreaming, and healing while taking a break from taking care of other people's thoughts and requirements. This card often depicts a warrior sleeping in a church. I painted this character again as a sleeping lion, a fierce predator and then rested as much as possible. The blooming flowers around the lion remind us that rest is essential for growth.

When dealing with cards, this card often represents the fortune teller rather than someone in their lives. In its current position, this card shows that it is time to take a break, take a break from work on certain projects, or put aside any grievances or discord. In the future position, the deck may indicate that a more calm time period is ahead despite the current disturbance. When combined with Temperance, cards can show you will need to rest and recharge to put your life in balance and help you achieve your best. In combination with Lovers, this card can show the time when you and your spouse will enter the nesting phase, when the relationship will take precedence over all other areas of life and bring Giving you a hideout. However, in an emotional card, this card may also indicate that this is the right time for the relationship to take a break once it has turned into a battlefield.

To me, this card often has a positive meaning, but when it's in the opposite position, it can emphasize that the questioner is tired or there is disturbance and stress in their lives and they need to rest. You may have insomnia; maybe your energy was scattered too violently. No matter what size you set or what requirements have been put on you, stressful and erratic energies will not help you achieve your goals. In order for this card to return to its original state, you need to focus on removing things that you cannot control and take care of yourself more, both physically and mentally.

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Arithmetic: 4, 48, 12, 3

Born: March 09 to March 07

Flora: wolf's muzzle flower, valerian, camomile

(Note: My drawing of this lovely sleeping lion is the marble sculpture of Rinaldo Rinaldi, commissioned by the 16th Duke of Devonshire for Chatsworth House, England, in 1823.)

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