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IX - The Hermit

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Loneliness, self-awareness, learning, conscience inquiry, patience, withdrawal, reluctant leadership


The Hermit is about self introspection, introversion and isolation. After several drawings with different animals, I chose the bear because it was associated with the cave image and hibernation. This bear is injured, but the wound is bringing a new life. Hermit can tell you the time to take care of yourself and your continued learning / development has come. This card is associated with Virgo and the number 9, and the star in the lantern is a six-pointed star (Solomon's seal, symbol of wisdom).

When dealing with cards, Hermit often represents fortune-telling. Sometimes Hermit represents another important person close to you; Trust your intuition here and let it lead you. For example, when dealing with emotions, Hermit may appear as a fiancé or lover who feels distant, emotionless, and withdrawn. Hermit in the future position can mean that your current actions have led you to loneliness. Be careful when Hermit combines with the conflicting Swords or Wands cards (cards five and seven), then it shows that your judgment and jealousy language isolates you from others. When combined with the Swords' King or Queen, it is possible that the time to explore and study knowledge makes you need to be alone. Hermit combined with Star is one of the best combinations you can have. They show you're on the right track and the gods are smiling at you. Isolating yourself and doing exactly what you need to develop and fight is possible. When Hermit joins with Two of Cups, Ten of Cups or Lovers - you and your lover or your close colleague may be entering a strong bond and a time separate from the world. Hopefully it's not the result of a plane crashing into a mountain top or you getting lost on a deserted island.

When in the opposite position, Hermit can tell that you are not currently spending enough time to reflect on yourself, heal and learn. However, on the other hand, the appearance of a reverse position Hermit may indicate that you are spending too much time to isolate yourself excessively and now is the time to step out of the cave and walk towards the sun. You may be at risk of losing important connections with others because you neglected those relationships during hibernation.

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Astrology: Virgo, Aquarius

Arithmetic: 9

Botanical: camomile, licorice, wormwood

The Linestrider Tarot - Siolo Thompson

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