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Knight of Cups

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enthusiasm, imagination, sadness, youth, creativity, joy, excess, sentiment, foolishness, impulsiveness


The Knight of Cups can represent a romantic, creative and spiritual adventure. This card may signal that someone young or young is about to enter your life, a messenger or agent of change. Of all the Knights, this is the most sensitive, intuitive, and closest to the feminine energy of the universe. He is a good omen if you are about to enter into creative ventures. The fish in the picture represent the voices of the muses, the creative and artistic capacities within you and your intuition.

In the exam, note that this card can sometimes mean that you or someone in your environment is overly sensitive or sensitive in some way. It can also show someone "implicitly supporting you" and will always be on your side in the coming conflict or difficult time. If the Knight of Cups appears in the current position, he is more likely to represent the fortune teller. Stop considering the things in life you are juggling. Is your focus also divided? Are you playing with so many opportunities? There is usually only one haunting element associated with this card, whether it is romantic or completely engrossed in a new project or idea. This obsessive theme appears especially if there are more Devil cards in the deck. If this petition comes with the Temperance card, be mindful of areas of your life that may be forgotten or require greater balance. If you're with a Sun or a Star, be prepared to enjoy a fun and magical time in your life, especially when these cards are included in a love card. If you are looking for a partner, pay special attention to a young, carefree person in your environment that you may not have noticed before.

In reverse, this card warns a person who speaks fluently or engagingly to enter your life or about to do so. Be cautious when considering new, creative or romantic deals; The situation seems unbelievable, and it could be. Someone you trust or think that someone is your guard or ally may cheat or betray you. Be careful when committing to anything new. If your intuition tells you that something is wrong in a relationship or situation in your life, be prepared to be alert.

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Arithmetic: 3, 39

Born: March 29 to March 01

Botanical: subterranean spirit, mint, pepper

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