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Nine of Pentacles

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Abundance, wealth, success, self-respect, admiration, insight, balance, strength


Nine of Pentacles is a special card. Although it is a numbered card in the hidden suit, it has the power and quality opposite of the Queen cards. Nine of Pentacles depicts an independent and dynamic person. She is almost always drawn with a bird of prey - an eagle, hawk or hawk, symbolizing sharp eyes and sharp intellect as well as the hunting instinct, which are qualities that help Good for people in business. This card is about smart investing, hard work, and the fruits of self-development. Nine of Pentacles is about understanding your own power, knowing yourself, and developing your abilities so that you can stand on your own two feet. This card is a good omen when you are considering decisions to focus on further developing your intellect, body, skills, or investments. This card encourages you to invest in yourself and become the best version of yourself; and from there your future success will flourish.

When dealing with cards, if this lady appears in the future position, it will be great. She is one of the most encouraging cards, and she represents the wealth of peace and happiness that is available to the questioner. Be careful if the Nine of Pentacles appear with warning cards, such as the Devil. Your current behavior or the addictive, destructive habit of someone near you may be ruining the beautiful future that may be yours. The Sun is inherently a positive card, but in this combination, everything that's too easy for you will cause you to be superficial or superficial. Likewise, Fool can warn you that your innocence is causing you to be too open to others and that you might be taken advantage of. This card will be strongest when combined with Strength, because it shows that you are in good control of internal strength and external life, the balance we should all look for. When combined with Chariot, the prosperity of this card is the result of concentration and hard work. Note that the girl in this card is always lonely; This card is not about the collective success but about the prosperity of an individual.

Sometimes this card warns that you are giving away too much; Spend too much time or money on others, and then you will end up suffering. For example, the most typical is the type of person who always sees that they are doing the best for their family by sacrificing their own happiness but actually people will be happier if they take care of their development. and their own interests. Remember that an individual who can express himself to the fullest will be a better team, parent, partner, and a more interesting person. When this card is in the reverse position, it can indicate that you are spending a lot of time on something that will not benefit you personally or financially. Maybe you are wasting your energy. Please reconsider if this is the time to give up something that will not produce the results you want.

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Arithmetic: 9, 77, 14, 5

Born: March 08 to March 09

Botanical: tussilago, concord grape, fenugreek

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