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XXI - The World

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The completion, the end of a cycle, accomplishment, goal, journey, success


The World is the last card in the main suit. It symbolizes fulfillment, accomplishment, and fulfillment. In general, this card shows an approaching cycle, signaling a new phase in life. Lion, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpion are represented on this card as the ambassadors of the four basic elements, the four seasons and the four corners of the universe.

The dancer, surrounded by a garland of victory, is looking out at the world with experience and comprehension from the path she has traveled. When in your current position, this card shows that your work is about to bear fruit even though it is now hard for you to see things in positive light. Or perhaps you have seen a cycle completed and feeling a new burden from new responsibilities. Perhaps the rise eventually comes through hard work, or a new baby or house represents hope and dreams - but still has to work hard!

If you see the World appearing in the past, you are reminded that the ground you are standing today has been built by your past work. The future is built through each day, through every decision. On a more mundane side, this card can talk about a real journey, traveling around the world, especially when appearing with Fool or Two of Wands. World shows that your current situation is rooted in previous victories. Perhaps you are looking for a new job open by the degree you have completed. Perhaps you formed a strong marriage or partnership several years ago and you are seeing the effects of that union on your current situation. When the World has appeared in the past, it's not so bad, but it can mean that it's time to take your vision to new victories. Was the last time you had a big victory a long time ago? Are you stalled? Perhaps now is your chance to start new ways of action. In the future, this card reminds you to "wait a while", and all your work and investment efforts will pay off even if you haven't seen any signs of them. When combined with Two of Swords or Hanged Man, the World may mean that something is stopping you from moving forward. You need to make an important decision or accept the facts that will help you advance to the completion of your cycle. Think about your situation in the most sincere way, what is stopping you? When combined with Magician, the World is a powerful sign that not only helps you accomplish your goals but also shows that others will see what you have done and want to participate in.

On the negative side, this card warns of giving up, laziness and industriousness. This card may also indicate that you are reluctant to change or try to deny the inescapable end of something that has caused the delay. If the card is about another person, the card may show that the person is not working as hard as he or she claims, or that something is preventing him from achieving success and fighting. won.

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Astrology: Scorpion

Botanical: jasmine, carnation, laurel

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