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0. The Fool 

Lá 0. The Fool trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot




Curiosity, new beginnings, open-mindedness, innocence, excitement, joy of life, exploration, fearlessness, lack of caution, recklessness


The card opening the sequence of major arcana is the Fool. It stands for beginnings, for wide-eyed curiosity and the way a child would see the world, full of wonder and oblivious to danger. The Fool signifies starting a new project or letting go of prejudices and taking a fresh and unbiased look at the facts. There is a certain danger of recklessness and lack of caution, but most fools seem to have a rather alert guardian angel.

Exploring the Card     

The traditional card shows a young man in gaudy clothes with a knapsack striding forward oblivious to the fact he’s stepping over the rim of an abyss. A dog follows him while another animal – with Crowley it’s a crocodile – tries to bite him from the back.

The fool for this deck is Colin Creevy. His knapsack is his camera, where he’s storing his marvelous experiences at school. His wide-eyed and innocent enthusiasm makes him step into all sorts of dangers, he follows Harry around like a little dog, and still, until DH at least, his innocence also keeps him safe, as when his camera saves him from being killed by the eyes of the basilisk. Crowley’s crocodile has become the monster rearing up behind him, and the abyss has been morphed into a harmless flight of steps…

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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