Lá Nine of Disks – Harry Potter Tarot

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Nine of Disks

Lá Nine of Disks trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Venus in Virgo


Contentment, security, a stroke of good fortune, increase, growth, powerful insights


The 9s constitute the last impulse on the four elements before they reach their final manifestation in the 10s. The 9s are ruled by the Moon and by the subconscious – drives and impulses that are rarely fully transparent to us and that may work for us or against us.

The Earth element in the Disks responds well to this influence. It inspires us to grow and to try more than we ever thought ourselves capable of, because we have an instinctive belief that we will find what we need along the way. We are capable to achieve what we put our mind to, and somehow it feels as if the universe recognized our sincerity and responded in kind. When drawn the card may indicate a stroke of luck – a business deal that goes through, a promotion we’ve been working towards, finding “the one” that’s right for us…

Exploring the Card 

What better to symbolize this meaning that the Room of Requirement? There you walk the castle with this intense need firmly fixed in your mind and next you are met with precisely the manifestation of all the things that will meet that need – this is exactly what the 9 of Disks stands for. Here the room is just about to open.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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