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Eight of Wands

Lá Eight of Wands trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Mercury in Sagittarius


Ideas, movement, progress, quick communication, ingenious solutions, intellectual power, thinking on your feet, spontaneity, flexibility


The 8s are under the auspices of Mercury and share some of its quicksilvery mental acuity. The cards offer sudden insights, but also share a sense of nervousness and of mental hyper-sensitivity.

For the Wands the combination of willpower and rationality makes for a streak of genius. We are capable of thinking at lightning-speed; we feel inspired and come up with ingenious solutions. This would be a great time to tackle a persistent problem and to apply some out-of-the box thinking. We are able to learn and comprehend anything we put our mind to and to broaden our horizons.

There is only one danger – to leave our more slowly and deliberately thinking companions and audiences behind. So tap into your ingenious communication abilities to take them along with you.

Exploring the Card 

To combine the design of wooden wands with the concept of speed a display of Firebolt brooms seems to be an appropriate image. Because of a depiction of 8 actual brooms would really be crowding this card the sense of the number 8 is instead realized in the price-tag on one of the brooms.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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