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I. The Magician

Lá I. The Magician trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot




Will, consciousness, control, influence of the material world through domination and inventiveness, self-realization, moving ideas into action, the power of rational directed thought, transformation, individuality, creativity


The Magus is the conscious, individual human being taking control of his environment symbolized in the traditional decks by the four elements. The bandwidth of control can reach from cheating trickery – sometimes this card is called “The Juggler” – to all-powerful transformation, and the Magus becomes the Mercury of the alchemists. The Magus shows the hero at the beginning of his quest, ready to take charge of his journey and his development.

Exploring the Card        

In the books Harry is faced with the quest of fighting and eventually destroying his nemesis Voldemort, and so instead of placing him behind the traditional table holding the symbols for the four suites and the four elements, he is instead surrounded by the individual pieces of Voldemort’s soul which he needs to find and break: Nagini, Ravenclaw’s tiara, Hufflepuff’s cup, Slytherin’s locket, Tom Riddle’s diary, the deathly hallow of the stone and finally the scar on his forehead. Striking a defensive pose Harry is ready to take on his challenge and enter into his adventure.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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