Lá VII. The Chariot – Harry Potter Tarot

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VII. The Chariot

Lá VII. The Chariot trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot




The warrior/ hero setting out on his quest, ultimate power and control, discipline, mastership, fixity of purpose, invulnerability, defensiveness, hiding one’s true self, an important journey


“The Chariot” stands for the hero setting out on his quest. Traditionally it shows a figure encased in armor atop a chariot drawn by sphinxes. In a draw the Chariot indicates an intense drive forward to accomplish something. There is little openness to accept a deviation from the course, and the impulse comes all from the inside – from inside the armor. Ultimately the hero will be challenged on his quest, he will need to halt, to open himself and to learn, but not yet. The lesson is to harness the drive, but also not to ride roughshod over obstacles and not to fear failure so much.

Exploring the Card              

From the armored charioteer it was fairly easy to jump to the Hogwarts Express, the “chariot” for young wizards and witches to take them out on their quest, to learn about magic and about themselves. Incidentally this is also the first card that does not feature a figure or figures.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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