Lá XIX. The Sun – Harry Potter Tarot

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XIX. The Sun

Lá XIX. The Sun trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


The Sun


The day, light, fire, energy, reason, the force of light, ego and self, the sunny side of life, completeness, generosity, insight, clarity, healing, revelation, inspiration, optimism, creativity, vision, joy, leadership, splendor, triumph, glory


The Sun is the symbol of all that is light and joyful, true and invincible and it stands for courage, energy, insight and success. When you stand in the noon-day sun your shadow is the smallest and weakest it will ever be, and you are fully illuminated.

Exploring the Card              

The iconography is a little different from the usual motif of a pair of small children frolicking on a fenced green hill. Instead we see Fawkes, the phoenix taking flight into the rising sun, his feathers curling like flames and each of his tail-feathers blazing like a little miniature sun.

Dumbledore’s phoenix is one of the strongest solar/fire symbols that are around in the HP books. He is the light that shines in the darkest places – coming to those that are loyal and true, healing poison and injury, carrying the heaviest loads out of darkness, and gifting people with a song that will lift and open their hearts. All of this really captures the meaning of The Sun as a card.

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