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Five of Swords

Lá Seven of Swords - Harry Potter Tarot


Venus in Aquarius


Humiliation, passive endurance, realization of limitations, loss, fear, embarrassment, betrayal


While the 4s are all about consolidation, the 5s are about an eruptive breaking of moulds. The stability of the 4s grows unstable, and if we were comfortably settled with the previous cards we now go through a certain amount of pain and insecurity at having to adjust. The 5s are under the auspices of Mars whose somewhat violent energy is very appropriate to the dynamic of these cards.

For the Swords the 5 signifies an experience of humiliation, the realization of limitations, loss, fear, embarrassment and betrayal. The things we held firm in our minds and on which we built the rationality of our actions and our image of self- worth prove unreliable. So we almost feel as if we have been cursed. Experiences that our mind cannot rationalize touch our deepest fears until we may doubt reality itself. We feel as if we face aggression and rejection from all sides.

Exploring the Card              

The 5 of Swords shows an imaginary spell book that lists dark curses and is opened at the page of the sectumsempra spell. It’s an ugly spell, vicious and merciless, but it was invented by someone who had been pushed to extremes, who had been mistreated by those around him and resorted to this as a last line of defense. It’s a spell born from despair and anger. As for the actual five swords, they are rather small and appear in the illustration in the text where the effect of the spell is portrayed as five daggers flying at the small cursed figure in the picture.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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