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Ten of Wands

Lá Ten of Wands trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Saturn in Sagittarius


Dogmatism, fixation, problems with authority, struggle for power, law and order, repressed aggression, structure


In the 10s all elements are subjected to full materialization. The 10s are dominated by the planet Earth. They are the most solid and crystallized manifestation of each suite.

In the realm of Fire and the will it means that all of our wishes, desires, impulses and drives crash-land right into reality. Sometimes that can feel like a bucket of cold water hitting you straight in the face. At age 2 you would have thrown a temper-tantrum at this point.

As a grown-up you are asked to curb your frustration, take a reality check and work out a compromise between what you want and what is realistically possible. Quite often this means that we have to follow rules and repress our wishes. We would like to fly – unfortunately gravity stands in the way. The only way to get our wish without immediate and unpleasant death is to study engineering, to channel all of our other wishes and impulses towards our goal and work hard in order to construct ourselves a flying machine.

Exploring the Card   

A suitable image for the uncomfortable message of the 10 of Wands is Hedwig locked up in her cage by Uncle Vernon. She would love to fly and hunt and spread her wings. Unfortunately the rules in Harry’s muggle residence forbid it and now ten steel bars stand between her and freedom.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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