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King of Cups

Lá King of Cups trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Fire of Water


An injury, compassion, achieving wisdom through suffering, balancing wil instinct


The King of Cups is a complicated man. He can be a wise counselor guided by intuition. He can also be a manifestation of the archetype of the injured king, the man who fell into guilt and learned wisdom through pain and suffering. The King of Cups sometimes can be a weak character and warn us not to get seduced by other powers and get pulled into intrigues and dubious dealings.

Exploring the Card   

Lucius Malfoy seems to be an odd choice at first, but he embodies many characteristics of the King of Cups. His arrogance and lust for power seem to fly in the face of the traditional meaning of the card as denoting a sensitive and compassionate character, but it is certainly true that he acquires wisdom through pain and suffering. Once he has returned from Azkaban and Voldemort is through with him he sees what is truly important – to save the life of his son.

His role as a Death Eater also shows that he is not the powerful and independent pureblood he likes to present himself as in public. He has been seduced to the dark side, suffered himself to be branded like some piece of cattle and readily kneels and grovels at the feet of his half-blood master.

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