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King of Swords 

Lá King of Swords trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Fire of Air


Activity, acuity, the will to understand, strategy, enlightenment, duplicity, cynicism, adaptability, cleverness


The archetype for the King of Swords is Ulysses, the brilliant adventurer that brought death to a city, who had a solution for everything, was not about lies and dissimulation, but who also took on the gods themselves and never wavered from his goal to get home. It is also Mercury, the messenger of the gods, the healer and guardian of the dead, but also the god of tricksters, traders and thieves.

The King of Swords teaches us that the mind is a powerful weapon for good and for ill and he himself has the potential for both. We may use our intelligence to better the world, to cure disease, to stamp out hunger, to understand the universe and to bring justice to everyone. We can also abuse it to trick and deceive, to steal and betray and to hurt others.

Exploring the Card   

Sirius Black embodies the duality of the King of Swords. He is brilliant – the only wizard ever to figure out how to break out of Azkaban, and as an animagus he has a dual nature that enables him to appear as a dog and trick or protect others. For some people like James, Remus and Harry he is indisputably good: a steadfast friend and a loyal protector. However ask folks like Severus Snape or Kreacher, the house elf, and a different story emerges: that of an arrogant, even sadistic bully who enjoys lording it over those he despises.

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