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Princess of Cups

Lá Princess of Cups trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Water of Water


Seduction, illusion, dream, fantasy, intuition, allure


The Princess of Cups tends to be a young woman who is difficult to understand and to describe. She has a certain sense of allure, but also tends to be elusive, and mirrors back to us what we want to see rather than who she really is. Sometimes this card is understood to be the soul incarnate in matter.

Exploring the Card   

We know little of Pansy Parkinson apart from the fact that she seems truly devoted to Draco and completely in sympathy with his likes and dislikes. He obviously is attracted to her when other Gryffindors think that she is exceedingly ugly. This mirror effect and her own emotional attachment certainly make her a good candidate.

For the idea of an incarnate soul the card shows some symbolism to that effect, like the serpent and oil lamp, taken from a Roman burial stele. The Princess also denotes the person at the beginning of the path of mastery, so like the other princesses she has not yet been given the symbol of her suite to hold, it is just placed it besides her. She will have to go a long way, before she can sit on her throne, her cup firmly in her grasp.

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