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Princess of Swords

Lá Princess of Swords trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Water of Air


Impulsiveness, mischief, self-realization, rebellion, renewal, the amazon warrior


A young woman of mental acuity who is prepared to take on the world, she has charm, esprit and a keen sense of logic and she has no problem with picking fights and be right up in your face if she feels you disrespect her. She also has a keen sense of fun and mischief, enjoys playing tricks and pranks on people, and she is always prepared to defend her ideals and opinions

Exploring the Card   

Try calling Tonks by her first name of Nymphadora and you find out very quickly what the Princess of Swords is all about. Like her mother Tonks is a born rebel, abandoning her Black heritage and fighting the dark side as an auror at the ministry. She also can be a bit of an air-head the way she generally manages to stumble into objects, but she takes it all with a sense of fun including her metamorphmagus abilities that she uses to amuse others.

Here she stands before the Black coat-of-arms depicting the sword that she not yet wields and conjures her patronus, a white wolf.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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