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Seven of Cups

Lá Seven of Cups trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Venus in Scorpio


Intoxication, being ruled by our desires, loss of reality, anesthesia, false hopes and promises, delirium, unproductive daydreams, clouded judgment


The 7s are associated with the energies of Venus and at the danger of harping on old stereotypes of the feminine they are involved with a view of the world colored by emotion, wishful thinking and misconceptions.

For the Cups and the domain of emotions misconceptions usually mean that we view the world distorted by our wishful thinking. We are ruled by our desires and lose our grip on reality. We may give up the autonomy of our selves by fleeing into daydreams, pseudo-religion, following false leaders or hiding in drug-induced dream-worlds. Or perhaps we are trapped in a relationship where we idolize our partner and see them not as he or she is, but as we wish them to be. In any case the danger of misleading ourselves is great.

Exploring the Card   

The card shows Professor Trelawney’s tasseomancy “equipment”, seven stacked teacups to read the leaves from. In one memorable lesson in Prisoner of Azkaban she interprets Harry’s cup as showing the grim – a horrible omen of death – but we find this is simply due to her impulse to predict fateful danger in every divination she makes, when in reality the dog-shaped tea leaf pattern might point to Sirius Black, who is about to enter into Harry’s life.

The interpretation of tea leaves is a great way to show how “Illusion” works: the patterns are random – it is our desire and our secret impulses that give them shape and interpret them for us, thus shaping our reality for better or for worse.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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