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Seven of Wands

Lá Seven of Wands trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Mars in Leo


Futile resistance, challenges, obstacles, stubbornness, the spirit of not going down without a fight, heroism, standing firm for what we believe, us against the world.


The 7s are associated with the energies of Venus and at the danger of harping on old stereotypes of the feminine they are involved with a view of the world colored by emotion, wishful thinking and misconceptions.

The 7s find their best realization in the element of Fire and Will. We’ve entered the fray believing we can win – our illusion here – and now we realize that the odds are too great. Yet, we persist regardless. True bravery consists not in going into a fight where we are assured of victory, but in persisting against all odds, in doing the right thing, even it if means the world is going to get the better of us. Resistance may be futile, but a true hero digs his heels in and gives them hell, even if it costs his own life.

Exploring the Card   

Who better to symbolize bravery, than the bravest man Harry has ever known? The drawing is not of Snape himself, though, but of his portrait in the Headmaster’s office that was accorded him posthumously and at Harry’s request with six wands shown on the frame and his own wand to make 7.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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