Lá XI. Strength – Harry Potter Tarot

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XI. Strength

Lá XI. Strength trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot




The principle of intuition and power, the wild and untamed, animalistic instinct, the choice to unleash or to tame the inner beast, illumination, working you’re your “dark” side in a constructive manner, using instinct and the senses as a source of power


Strength traditionally shows a young woman holding shut the maw of a fierce lion with ease. When drawn the card reminds us to face any threat or danger with determination and to trust in our innate abilities. The strength needed to overcome the challenge presented by this card usually has less to do with physical fortitude and more with strength of will and determination, with trusting out gut, and with keeping our wits about us. Another meaning of strength is that we find our buttons pushed, and true strength lies in the ability not to let it get to us, but to be stronger than what set us off, get over ourselves and forgive others.

Exploring the Card              

There are no lions in the books, if we discount Gryffindor’s lion, but Hermione and Buckbeak make for a good replacement. She kept stringing him along in the movie with Hagrid’s dead ferrets and built a good rapport with him.

Also Hermione possesses a lot of attributes for Strength: willpower, determination, the ability to rally others, intelligence to face and overcome obstacles, and quite often it is she who impels Harry and Ron to do the right thing, even though they complain that she’s bossy. One lesson that remains for her though is not to allow others to push her buttons…

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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