Lá XIII. Death – Harry Potter Tarot

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XIII. Death

Lá XIII. Death trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot




Farewell, death as the prelude to new life, a passage, changes and transformations, descent into the underworld, the natural end of a time and the beginning of something new, letting go of something that is ready to move out of our lives, moving on, change and grief as the gateway to something new


Typically the card will indicate a natural transformation. We have reached the natural end of a development and need to let go of our old view of the world or our old identity. While the Tower can land on you like a ton of bricks knocking you silly and out of your path, Death usually changes you from the inside out, and it tends to feel more organic, even though it may be painful and scary at times. Probably the best symbol for the card is a sloughing snake.

One day she’ll look like death, with pale and withered skin and dull, blind eyes, and the next she’ll be sleek and glossy and beautiful after having shed her now useless old skin.

Exploring the Card              

For the image of Death this deck shows the arch at the Department of Mysteries. It is very fitting as a passage-way to something new that you can only enter when your time has come.

The curtain actually shows an image of rippling sand tilted to an odd angle to give a feeling of disorientation, as if there truly was an entirely different dimension behind the confines of the doorway.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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