Lá XVI. The Tower – Harry Potter Tarot

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XVI. The Tower

Lá XVI. The Tower trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot




The sudden, illuminating and destructive flash of lightning, revolution, annihilation of the old, fighting, war, the tower of the prisons we build for ourselves is broken open, our safety structures, our habits, our armor, our material security are toppled and destroyed by sudden explosive energy, catastrophes, the aggression of destruction


On the one side the Tower stands for life delivering a sucker-punch to the stomach, one of those jolts of fate that leave you flat on your ass, gasping for air, wondering where that came from and what you had done to deserve it. These are the catastrophes in life: the car wrecks, the betrayals of friends and partners you trusted, the sudden downsizing at your company that leaves you jobless, the bank repossessing your home, the medical diagnosis you didn’t see coming. Once you’ve been through a true Tower experience, life will never be the same.

But there is a second dimension to the Tower. While for some the destruction of the tower is a terrible event, for others it may be a prison suddenly broken open. Tower events have an ability to relieve and release. You may lose the stability of your current life, but this may in fact be liberating, and once you’ve got over the shock and pain you have the ability to grow, to move beyond what you thought possible and to achieve more.

Exploring the Card              

The killing of Dumbledore certainly qualifies as a Tower event – the heart and soul of Hogwarts destroyed, the last bastion of safety fallen, the seeming betrayal of a trusted friend, and with it the suddenness and the violence of it all.

But there is also the dimension of the second and more positive meaning: in Deathly Hallows when we learn of Snape’s memories we find that Dumbledore begged Snape for this deed as an act of mercy, as relief from pain and suffering – in fact as release from the prison of his life with his old guilt, the curse of his withered hand and at the end the horrible effects of Voldemort’s poison.

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