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Four of Disks

Lá Four of Disks trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Sun in Capricorn


Power, security, fixation, completion of earthly power, unerring direction, status, influence, position, structure


The 4s of all the suits carry a measure of crystallization, of hardening and consolidation of the creative flux of the previous cards. The planetary ruler of the 4s is Jupiter, the old Roman ruler of the gods, but power is only one aspect of this dominance, the term “jovial” also derives from it, and so the cards tend to show also a certain mental relaxation and ease of mind that comes with stability and quiet. The number 4 gives you the four points of a square, one of the most stable geometric shapes of all.

In the material realm stability is a good thing. Recent stock market events have shown that upheaval and wealth don’t mix well. So consolidation translates into security, stability, completion, power, an unerring sense of direction, status, influence, position and structure. If you ever wanted to leave a mark on the material world, this card will give you that chance.

Exploring the Card              

What better choice to illustrate this sense of stability than a well-filled purse with four shiny gold galleons and a few sickles and knuts. When we are in control of our wealth it allows us both a sense of security and a way to make an impact on the world around us – for better or for worse.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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