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King of Wands

Lá King of Wands trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Fire of Fire


Leadership, responsibility, enthusiasm, benevolence, generosity


The King of Wands stands for a mature, honorable, idealistic, proud and intelligent man who is prepared to lead and to take responsibility. He has the well-being of everyone at heart and always strives for improvements and better solutions. Doing the right thing is very important to him, and he will always protect those who depend on him and who trust him. He is loyal and steadfast.

Exploring the Card   

Arthur Weasley may not be the richest of most influential man in the wizarding community, but he fulfills the criteria for the King of Wands perfectly. He knows that wizards and muggles must coexist peacefully and that they need each other, and he is prepared to lay down his life to make it happen. He always does the honorable and the right thing. He does not allow any insult to the honor of his family – and he is passionate enough to even take on Lucius Malfoy at Flourish & Blotts over it. And even though the Weasleys sometimes find it hard to make ends meet, he still generously shares what he has with Harry and Hermione, virtually adopting them into his family.

Here he sits at his post at the Ministry of Magic taking care that no magical mishap befalls the muggles entrusted to his care.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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