Lá Two of Cups – Harry Potter Tarot

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Two of Cups

Lá Two of Cups trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Venus in Cancer


Union, happiness in love, sensuality, harmony, erotic attraction, trust


In the 2s, each of the elements gets doubled up, i.e. it gets to react to a similar impulse. For Cups we have two sparks of emotion and with a bit of mutual attraction going on we end up with love as the meaning of this card.

In a spread the card signifies happiness in love, sensuality, harmony and erotic attraction, the seeker usually looks for completion in union with someone else and the 2 of Cups may point to an important positive encounter and may end up in love and partnership.

Exploring the Card              

The image of the card is a little tongue-in-cheek, but gives a good pretext to draw two glasses for two cups. Someone drops a little amortentia potion into two champagne glasses. Of course for the true meaning of the card both drinkers would have to be in the know and comfortable with that.

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper

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