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Seven of Disks 

Lá Seven of Disks trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Saturn in Taurus


Emptiness, resignation, confrontation with deep-seated fears, loss, plagues, misfortune, misery, the universe appearing to conspire to keep you down


The 7s are associated with the energies of Venus and at the danger of harping on old stereotypes of the feminine they are involved with a view of the world colored by emotion, wishful thinking and misconceptions.

For the Disks and the material plane this does not make for good news: to approach a project with the wrong assumptions and with an unrealistic outlook will result in only one thing: failure. When drawn this card will prepare you for things to go wrong. If you are already in the middle of a disaster, don’t follow false hopes, be realistic and accept the consequences. If you are just getting started you may want to delay or get ready for a rough journey ahead.

Exploring the Card   

The image for this card shows the infamous cursed opal necklace at Borgin and Burke’s that Harry first sees in Chamber of Secrets and that Draco uses unsuccessfully in Half-blood Prince to try and bring about Dumbledore’s demise. The 7 set stones represent the 7 disks, and an object that can kill by mere touch makes for a suitable symbol of failure in the material world.

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